Hi Senior;s Friend

My name is GARY, born in year 1968 so age 48 as of this year 2016.  I am a 101% Singaporean and has been residing in Singapore since my childhood days . .  I have quit my job in Aug 2015 and moving into the next phase of my life planning towards spending my retirement golden years in Singapore !

I am a Revit 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) Specialists by profession in the Architecture Consultancy industry, and was certified as an ‘Autodesk Certified Associate Revit Architecture 2012’ and ‘Autodesk Certified Professional Revit Architecture 2012’ in year 2012.

By profession & NOT wanting to do 3D BIM day in day out as a job, I quit my full-time job as a Revit BIM Specialists in Aug 2015.  Base on my professional competency & know-how in web I started a personal website HTTP://REVIT.SG target to help others to start their Revit 3D BIM journey and promoting utilizing the WEB when using Revit ..  Http://revit.sg is nevertheless also a platform for myself to continue learn & do on Revit 3D BIM, in leisure.

In lesisure and wanting to help Seniors in ways I can, I started this website HTTP://SENIORCITIZEN.SG, after reading an article ‘Relish the many perks on offer as you grow older’ by Loh Keng Fatt on The Straits Time and sees the needs to help Seniors in Singapore to find Perks & Offers on the internet.  

As I myself also am moving towards becoming a Senior Citizen in Singapore  ..  It’s probably high time for me to start pursue my other passion to promote continuous learning & thus living an enriching life for seniors in Singapore.  HTTP://SENIORCITIZEN.SG  will be MY platform on the internet to help MYSELF & other SENIOR CITIZENS in Singapore to find Perks & Offers on the internet and hopefully will enable us to move towards a more fullfilling and most enjoyable golden years ahead !

 Feel Free to contact me